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Empowering Change Through Compassionate Hypnotherapy – Meet Shannon Shade, Your Guide to Mindful Healing

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Hi, My Name is Shannon Shade: Registered and Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist in Calgary

As an Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists (ARCH) accredited and registered clinical hypnotherapist, I am here to help you find lasting solutions to chronic problems.

Through the use of the evidence-based, trauma-informed modality of hypnotherapy, I help people to heal by working with both the conscious and subconscious mind.

Together, we get to the ROOT CAUSE of the presenting issue and that is when profound healing can begin. Although my specialty is in performance, I am extensively trained to help with a wide variety of mental and physical challenges.

But Do I Really Know My Stuff?

Even as a young girl, I used to playfully pretend to hypnotize people. Over the years, while I worked as a guided meditation facilitator, people often turned to me for help with their various issues. It was clear that I needed to equip myself with better tools to make a meaningful difference in their lives.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve completed an intensive training program with Arch Canada to become a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. Now, I’m a mental health professional with extensive training in the clinical application of hypnosis in therapy. I employ this evidence-based, trauma-informed modality of hypnotherapy to address the root causes of various challenges, and it’s incredible to witness the positive impact it has on my clients every day.

Now, you might be wondering what sets me apart. Well, beyond my hypnotherapy work, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with music legends like Nancy Wilson (Heart) and Steven Adler (Guns N Roses), as well as members of Whitesnake, Cher, and Black Sabbath. My musical journey began with a diploma from Vancouver Island University, and I’ve since performed all over the world in various shows and productions. I also share my passion for music by teaching high-energy classes to kids, covering guitar, bass, keys, drums, and vocals. In addition to my musical journey, I’ve spearheaded music and mindfulness classes for kids, and recently initiated a music school in Costa Rica, highlighting my commitment to sharing the joy of music and creating positive learning environments.

You might be wondering why I bring up this part of my life and how it relates to my work in hypnotherapy.

As a vocalist, performance artist and music teacher, I’ve always been fascinated by the human mind and its incredible ability to change, often referred to as neuroplasticity. Learning to play an instrument, for instance, isn’t just about music; it’s about rewiring your brain. Through a process similar to selective focus and what some call natural hypnosis, the more you practice, the more these neural connections strengthen, making complex tasks second nature. And this adaptability isn’t limited to skills such as learning music; it extends to our thought patterns and emotions. We often find ourselves trapped in repetitive, negative thought loops, which lead to the same feelings, behaviors, and outcomes.

With clinical hypnotherapy, I am trained to leverage the brain’s neuroplasticity to systematically dismantle these negative thought patterns and replace them with healthier, more positive connections. It mainly operates at the subconscious level, but it’s essential to note that this transformation also impacts conscious thoughts and behaviors.

Discover Your Haven of Healing: About Our Tranquil Hypnotherapy Space in Calgary

Based in Calgary Alberta, centrally located at 5920 Macleod Trail SW, Unit 460, which is fully wheelchair accessible. Sessions are available in person or online. Shannon has done virtual sessions with clients from Egypt, Sweden, Costa Rica, Cancun, Scotland, Australia, and more. ONLINE SESSIONS ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME

Shannon's Hypnotherapy in Calgary - 5920 Mcleod Place


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