Hypnotherapy session improves ME/CFS and transports Zen back to a deserted island!

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Dear Shannon, It’s been almost six months since we embarked on online hypnotherapy sessions in October 2022. I wanted to share my experience with you and your community. Firstly, I encourage anyone having an intuitive attraction to hypnotherapy sessions with you, to explore this modality and healing that you facilitate so beautifully. At the onset of working with you, I had deep premonitions about trauma events from the past that were likely influencing a significant health issue of Chronic Fatigue and clinically diagnosed ME/CFS. An intimate retreat space also aligned for me to undertake hypnotherapy sessions with you online, based in Australia. I was amazed at your empathic and highly intuitive presence, which enabled me to be fully open to the healing experience. I felt extremely blessed to share with you as a counselor however, the real magic was still to unfold during the actual hypnotherapy sessions. During our sessions, I was transported to space and time where I could fully visualize childhood trauma events creating energy issues affecting my state of being. As opposed to re-experiencing the fear events, while under hypnosis I realigned with incredible moments of peace, healing, and abundant health I radiated when living on a deserted island years ago. This demonstrated the space in my presence where I should be focused. We discussed this as the difference between being in a fight, flight, and freeze response (a core issue of ME/CFS), versus being in the parasympathetic state affecting the Vagus Nerve and autonomic nervous system (ANS). Within days of our sessions, certain people and various situations significantly affecting my ANS, energy, and health dissolved with little effort. I feel our connection and sessions facilitated an energetic healing on many levels, also enabling me to be quite compassionate about past trauma events. I still need to manage my energy levels as I balance a life experiencing ME/CFS, for the moment! However, I frequently access joy and bliss and reside in the space you created for me through this truly amazing and rather mysterious healing modality. Thank you again for our connection and congratulations on your work to become a practitioner in this space. Bless you, Zen BOOK YOUR SESSION >>

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