Your Sessions, Your Success

Tailored Hypnotherapy Sessions for Personalized Transformation. Discover our range of packages designed to meet your unique needs and empower your journey towards success and well-being.


Each session builds upon the last, allowing for a more in-depth exploration and resolution of your concerns. The extra sessions provide the time and space needed to comprehensively address your issues, ensuring a more profound and lasting transformation.

Empowering Change Through Compassionate Hypnotherapy – Meet Shannon, Your Guide to Mindful Healing

Essential Transformation: Four Sessions

Essential Transformation

4 Sessions

Ideal for resolving common issues, including phobias and more. In four sessions, embark on a focused journey toward overcoming obstacles that may be holding you back. These sessions are structured to provide you with the tools and insights you need to lead a more balanced, harmonious life.


Personalized Transformation: Six Sessions

Personalized Transformation

6 Sessions

Tailored specifically to address your unique challenges, including anxiety, panic, trauma, and insomnia. Over the course of six sessions, we will collaboratively delve into the root causes of your concerns and initiate the journey to release negative thought patterns, while replacing them with healthier, more positive beliefs and perspectives. This personalized approach ensures that you receive the attention and guidance required for profound, lasting change.


Ultimate Transformation: Eight Sessions

Ultimate Transformation

8 Sessions

This package offers you the opportunity to unlock your true potential and address a wide range of issues that may be holding you back. Over eight sessions, we dive deep into your subconscious, thoroughly exploring all the underlying factors that have been affecting your life. This comprehensive journey is designed to help you achieve lasting personal growth and bring about profound change. It’s an ideal choice for all major transformations.


Jumpstart Package

2 Sessions

An introductory experience to the world of hypnotherapy. It’s designed to provide a glimpse into the potential of this transformative process. In just two sessions, you’ll get a taste of how hypnotherapy works, although it’s important to note that this brief experience is not intended to address or fix specific issues. It’s the perfect starting point for those curious about the benefits of hypnotherapy and is more about exploration than problem-solving.


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Group Hypnotherapy Sessions


Next group will start in January 2024

Are you seeking the power of collective support on your journey to personal growth and transformation? Group Hypnotherapy Sessions provide a unique opportunity for individuals to come together, connect, and transform as a united community. In a supportive and non-judgmental group setting, you’ll have the chance to explore shared experiences, learn from one another, and work towards common goals.

Clinical Hypnotherapy may be included in your workplace benefits plan under “Health & Wellness Spending Account.”

Some extended health insurance plans may cover Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions as well. 

We encourage you to confirm with your provider to find out the specific details of coverage offered to you.


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